Waco #1 (2005)

by meinkinder

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The tracks on this release are part of an ongoing project, inspired by the events that took place at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas during 1993.

Each track is named after a child that died during the 51 day siege.

For the optimum listening experience, play loud in a darkened room.

(this was originally released as a ltd CDR in 2005)

Brainwashed review of Waco #1 demo CDr:

"This introductory four track CD-R is the first not-so rotten fruit from the newly minted side project from one half of Newcastle upon Tyne’s Tears of Abraham. Mein Kinder might freely embrace the tag of ‘dark ambient soundscapes’ but the music here is far darker, deeper and better than the limitations of that genre suggest.

Part of an ongoing larger 21 track project, these tracks take their titles from the names of the children killed at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. The basic ingredients of the tracks here are maybe straight to tape live sounds such as drone and feedback with little or no manipulation, but they swell under the weight of different the sounds that are heard.

At nearly twenty five minutes longer than the other pieces, “Little One Jones” can’t help but stand out. The ranting insane vocal line (done in one take through a child’s tape recorder) may be incomprehensible but it still manages to clearly rage under the unfolding and juddering circling waves.

The other pieces are shot through with streaks of violence (“Lisa Martin”) and eddies of bleak tapering smoke blown by circling helicopters (“Star Koresh”) creating compulsory if unsettling listens. Even though closer, “Startle Summers,” is possibly still a future work-in-progress, it’s the best thing here. Chaining a metal melody of call and response feedback to a groaning backdrop of shifting weight it staggers contemptibly within its constraints. There’s a huge repeating sound (perhaps a disfigured doom metal chant or perhaps percussion) with in the track that carries it headlong into gloom.
Mein Kinder may only be a few months old but he’s maturing very fast."



released May 18, 2006



all rights reserved


meinkinder Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Harsh noise, drone and dark ambient artist from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK. Channeling apocalyptic angst since 2005.

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